Great barbecue can be cooked
right on your own back deck
on a grill from

You don't have to cook a whole
pig to make great barbecue. You
can make great barbecue with
several different cuts of pork. I
normally use a Boston butt, a
small pork shoulder, and a pork
loin roast. You can even prepare
your barbecue on Friday night and
chop it up for the big game on
  • Heat grill to 275 degrees.
  • Cook pork for 4  to 5 hours.
  • A multiple Burner grill works
    best, so you can turn off the
    middle burners to keep the
    pork from burning.
  • Slice off the bone and chop
    on a wooden cutting board.
  • Mix in 16 oz of your favorite
  • To reheat place in steamer
    until meat is warm

    The first thing you have to do is find a grocery store or meat market that can provide a
    whole pig. I always like to cook pigs between 90 and 110 pounds.I like this size because
    you can pretty much count on a lean pig without very much fat. A little fat is good in that it
    keeps the pig moist while she's cooking. Most suppliers of whole pigs can have one
    waiting for you with a minimum of 3 days notice. Make sure that the supplier you are
    dealing with provides government inspected pork.

    Getting Her Home

    If you don't plan to cook your pig right away be sure you have a large enough cooler to
    keep her cool until you are ready to cook. The first thing you should do when you get
    home is preheat your grill to about 250 to 275 degrees, especially if you are cooking with
    wood or charcoal. I typically cook with gas because I can keep my temperature exactly
    where I want it for  6 to 8 hours.When cooking with charcoal you need to be careful
    because its easy to burn one up when you are first getting started. When using charcoal,
    start with 20 pounds and add about 8 to 10 pounds an hour. I normally do not add charcoal
    until after the first 2 hours. I also like to start the charcoal I plan on adding to the grill
    about 15 minutes before it's time to add them to the grill.

    It does not matter whether you cook on gas, wood or charcoal. Craig's Sauce makes any
    pig taste great. Be sure to keep your temperature consistently between 250 degrees and
    275 degrees. I like to split  my coals in half and push them to the right and left like
    splitting the sea. This allows me to cook the hams and shoulders with a little more heat
    and a little less heat to the body where there is less meat.  BE PATIENT!

    Putting Her On the Grill

    When you pick up your pig, to place her on the grill grate, you will see that she has been
    split down her belly and all her innards removed. You should open her up and place her
    belly down in a spread eagle position. If you are cooking alone, it is lot easier to cut the
    pig in half right along her back. It is  easier to load the pig on the grill and also to flip it
    when the time comes. It is not quite as pretty cooking on the grill but does not affect the
    taste whatsoever.

    Depending on the temperature( 250 to 275 degrees) of  your grill, you should cook the pig
    belly down for 6 to 7 hours and then flip her over on her back for a couple of hours. You
    should try to keep your temperature less than 300 degrees at all times. Most likely you
    can flip her over after 6 hours.  I like to keep a  gallon of apple cider vinegar handy and I
    rub down the pig's back with some vinegar and an old cloth about once an hour. I also like
    to put some black pepper and paprika on her back as soon as I get her on the grill. Be
    sure to cover it all over!

    After turning the pig plan to cook her about an hour and a half to 2 hours on her back and
    be sure to keep the temperature around 275 degrees. Be sure to sauce her after you flip

    You can tell when a pig is done by placing a towel or heat resistant glove on her foot and
    trying to twist the leg bone . If the leg will rotate, then you are about ready to eat. The
    longer you cook a pig on her back the greater chance you have of drying out the meat. An
    hour and a half or less normally works for me at around 250 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
    Never put sauce on a pig until you roll her over on her back and only put it in her belly!
    Pull the ribs up and douse her good with your favorite sauce underneath the ribs and a
    little sauce on all 4 shoulders.  
How To Roast The Ultimate Pig !                                                                                                               
This pig weighs 107 pounds and  should
feed 75 to 80 people when done!
A gallon of Craig's Pig
Sauce is the perfect
amount for a 100 pound
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